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F@ST in Schools

The F@ST sessions, both online and on-site, have been successfully delivered at a number of leading schools in the United Arab Emirates and India.

The sessions have been supported by the Principals and Academic Leaders

as a critical LIFE SKILL. 

Here's some of the feedback we've received from participants.

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GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On-site Session


GEMS Modern Academy is a leading school in the UAE. With a legacy of over FOUR decades of excellence, the GEMS Modern Academy has been rated "OUTSTANDING" for SEVEN years in a row by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai.

The F@ST session was attended by the students of Year 12.

GEMS The Millennium School

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On-Line Session for Year 12

The Principal, Ms. Ambika Gulati, and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of GEMS The Millennium School (TMS), Dubai took the decision to roll out the F@ST Online Program to its Grade 12 students. Despite the Unit Tests being just a week away, the TMS SLT decided to dedicate almost two full days to the F@ST Online program.

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GEMS Our Own English High School

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

On-Line Session for Year 12

GEMS OOEHS is a pioneer in recognizing the importance of this crucial life skill. The school leadership then took the initiative to ensure that its students are adequately equipped to meet the challenges of managing their financial future. In rolling out the F@ST Online program to their senior school students, GEMS OOEHS has put the student in control of their personal financial decisions. This is the definitive first step in their lifelong journey based on sound fundamentals financial concepts. The program has demystified complex sounding financial jargon, broken down financial concepts into understandable bite sizes and stimulated their interest in further learning and exploration.

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Vidya School

Gurugram, Haryana

On-Line Session for Year 12

The Vidya School vision is to provide less-privileged children with high-quality education, and the best infrastructure and facilities. To make them well-equipped to utilize the opportunities of India’s emerging economy, second-to-none in their ability to compete, excel, and lead digital India into the future.

The students from the 11th standard of the Vidya School in Gurugram, logged into the on-line session of F@ST.

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